About Me

Ana Fajardo is one of Miami’s most talented and valued financial professionals. As a Wealth Manager and Senior Retirement specialist with ValuTeachers, she helps the everyday heroes that teach our kids to retire with financial peace of mind. In her wealth practice, she also assists businesses and individuals of diverse backgrounds to prepare for what lies ahead.

An entrepreneur of 22 years, Ana is also the CEO and managing partner of Wealth Companies. Wealth Companies offers financial planning alongside real estate services for both residential and commercial properties in the Miami metro area, including Ft. Lauderdale. Wealth Companies, under the direction of Ana, has a successful track record with its personal clients and in team building. The ten-year anniversary of Wealth Companies in December 2022 is an exciting benchmark for a successful company.

Ana received her bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University. A major in Business Administration and Marketing, her combination of schooling and experience has made a substantial impact on the lives of her clients. As retirement now costs more than ever, Ana considers her work to be that of both a servant to both her clients and those she leads. Helping clients remove the stress of financial planning for what will be the best years of their lives, is Ana’s definition of success.

In Ana’s professional practice, she starts with learning before anything else. Ana and her business partner Rafael created a financial literacy program to increase needed financial knowledge for high school seniors, teachers, parents, and other community organizations. Wealth Learning is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation. Its mission is to provide financial education across America, to high schools, and to community organizations

Ana has recruited retired teachers, financial advisors, insurance professionals, real estate experts, attorneys, and people from many other professions to teach others. A dearth in financial literacy taught in schools really provided a calling for Ana to help high school students prepare for life in a financially complex world. Presentations have been given in Miami Dade County Schools, Broward County Schools, Palm Beach County Schools, schools in the Houston Independent School District, and in prominent companies and organizations across the United States. Wealth Learning donates its time in the community and presentations are conducted at no cost or obligation. The workshops cover specialties across the entire personal financial spectrum.

Ana’s many speaking engagements on personal finance and retirement planning have often included speaking to civil servants working for the state. Helping state employees calculate their expected benefits, plan for beneficiaries, and tell them what to expect from medical benefits, 401A options, and pensions have helped many state employees be better informed and ready for what lies ahead. She also provides webinars for teachers around the state in order to inform them of their retirement options as her service to our children’s educators.

With a firm belief in the value of civic duty, Ana also volunteers and supports local and national philanthropic organizations. Much of her philanthropic support has been provided to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, St. Jude’s Church, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and many others. Her charity work is in line with her passion for helping children, our everyday heroes, like teachers and first responders, and animals.

Ana came to Miami by way of California and Texas and has made it home ever since. The diversity, vibrancy, tremendous cultural experiences, and great people in the state of Florida, resulted in Miami being the fit for her active lifestyle. It didn’t hurt that she loved the southern Florida beaches either.

Family time includes Ana’s two “paw babies”, Bellini and Brandy, who love the Miami sun and sand just as much as their mom.

Travel is at the top of Ana’s list of many passions. She looks forward to anytime she can get away and explore new places or revisit old favorites that rejuvenate the soul. For her, travel is a way to let go for a bit and recuperate before returning to her penchant for overachievement. Many more trips and new destinations lie ahead. This passion for travel is also something that motivates her to help others retire well and spend their best years able to see much of the world without financial worry. Hearing the future travel plans of her clients is considered a perk of the job.

This last December, Ana and her husband of 23 years traveled to New York City and her brother’s hilltop property in Oregon to experience a truly white Christmas. On tap for 2022 is a hoped-for trip to get her “Italy fix” as travel opens up more from the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the years ahead, Ana looks forward to hiring, training, and fostering success for new agents and advisors at Wealth Companies. More trips are to come with her best friend of 23 years and thousands more will benefit from her financial coaching and volunteerism.


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